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Born in 1974 in Nantes, France
Lives and works in Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Visual artist graduated from the École du Louvre and the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Anne Feat Gaiss studies the mystical part that inhabits our universe.
Between infinitely large and infinitely small, his work draws on the traditions of the past to give life to living and poetic works revealing the richness of the world around us, both in the materials used and in the subjects discussed.
Through the combination of different materials, from copper leaf to paint, including steel leaf and paper, Anne Feat Gaiss creates truly sculpted paintings that intrigue as much as they attract. Living entities in their own right, his works transform according to the space they occupy while inviting the observer to movement in order to discover their multiple facets. A relationship of interdependence is thus created
between the work, its space and the person who looks at it. Far from a conception of the work of art as a static and immutable object, the artist creates works whose full magic can only be revealed through their interaction with the outside world, true metaphors of the relationships that unite humans. and the universe.
A mirror of life that never stops advancing and renewing itself, his artistic approach, drawing on mythology, science and ethnography, takes an amazed look at reality.
The energies of the Earth, of life and of Man, are as many scientific phenomena as invisible and sensitive realities that simple rational thought could not explain.
Combining scientific and metaphysical considerations, his works appear as an invitation to accept the intangible and unexplained part that animates our universe.



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