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The ephemeral palimpsests of our cities


In March 2020, time has stood still! Célia was interested in the images that line the walls of our cities. Faces and bodies made of paper on everyday concrete.

Ephemeral representations that populate our urban landscapes, and permeate our imaginations.

Abandoned images fraying over time, inclement weather, and lockdown.

Célia has tracked down these survivors, who have improvised palimpsests and who tell us something quite different.

The FOLLOW 13 has selected 13 of these pictorial photographies, allegorical representations of the passage of time.


Limited to 25 copies

To discover in the gallery from June 13 to July 12, 2021


digital photography


After a preparatory literary class and studies at Sciences Po Paris, Célia Delaplace is introduced to photography through evening classes ...

Over the course of ten years, she has produced an astonishing documentary work, centered on urban space:

" Zones, or the failure of urban utopias" (published by the Bondy Blog and L'œil de la Photographie)

Traceurs, or the art of movement in urban space ”.

In March 2020, Célia produced the Vanities series, allegorical photographies of posters lining our cities, and subjected to the test of this very particular time of lockdown.

CELIA portrait 3.jpg


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