Sahara on my mind


Daria TANEREN photographed for several years the deserts of Algeria, its secret places, its inhabitants and their way of life.

The artist's own universe faithfully translates what nature offers us: desert dunes, bewitching mirages and rocks, lost oases ...  The light is at the center of her work and allows to reveal all the splendor of these seas of sand.

An invitation to meditation.


“The Sahara is a place of power. The people of the sands are not in a hurry in their movements and their thoughts. It seems they hold secrets from the world ”.


Limited to 25 copies

To discover in the gallery from February 13 to March 12, 2022


digital photography


Born in Moscow, Daria studied at Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism (2000-2005). She quickly developed a passion for the art of photography and began to photograph at the University, after having taken photojournalism courses. Her vocation was born. After completing her training in 2003, she worked with various print media as a journalist and photographer. In 2009 she exhibited her photos in Yaroslavl, Russia. Then follow the Algerian years from 2018 to 2020 and its exhibitions in Oran, Algiers and Annaba.

HER WORKS - coming on February 13th

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