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Denis FELIX likes deep and multiple perspectives, those which transport you to another universe.

His photographs in relief are an invitation to travel. A world of reverberation.


The splendor of SORBUS plunges you into a forest of dreams.

The mystical portraits of the NATIVE take you away in their reflections.


Large format camera photos on Argentic film, Platinum Palladium prints: a whole sophisticated technique, mastered, for immersive and captivating works.


Limited edition of 7 copies


To discover in the gallery from September 13 to October 12, 2021


Large format camera photography on Argentique

Platinum Palladium Print


Born in 1960, Denis Félix has been interested in man and nature for more than thirty years by exploring interior worlds thanks to the large format photographic chamber.


Denis Félix narrates, with the bedroom, what can only be told in silence: the journey of a lifetime. Whether in Europe, Africa, Asia or America, he always adopts the same unique approach: the choice of absolute immersion with the subject photographed, whether human, animal, mineral or plant.


In 2011, Somogy editions published a selection of portraits taken around the world: Au fil de l'homme (preface by Bernard Giraudeau). Member of the jury of several photography competitions (Polaroid, Ilford, etc.), Denis Félix has been passing on his art and know-how for several years during master classes organized by the Ecole des Gobelins (Paris). In addition, he has held numerous exhibitions in France and abroad (Paris, Galway, Toronto, New Delhi, Cape Town, etc.). Denis Félix has received artistic commissions from large foundations (Hermès, Electricité de France, Alstom, etc.) and its works are kept in heritage collections (National Library of France) and in private collections.


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