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Wild Night 

Kinga Katanics _ photo .jpeg


​ Born in Hungary, Kinga Katanics has been living and working in Paris for 11 years.

Photo producer, KINGA escapes into painting.

The woman, the central subject of his drawings and paintings, is almost always accompanied by a mystical black panther.


For her, the animal embodies both feminine strength and the memory of our past relationships, with their ambivalent parts of beauty and darkness.


She defines her approach in these terms: To invite you on a journey filled with memories through the poetic details of an imaginary universe.



Kinga and his panther...

Between Parisian life and wild life, the artist reinterprets selected, intimate moments of life.

Cléo, her black panther, invites herself, lascivious and shimmering, into her paintings.

Sometimes to share a SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN PARIS, curl up in your BUTTES CHAUMONT bathtub

or in her neck on A SWEET WINTER MORNING.

Its symbolic presence transports us gently into a universe between reality and reverie.


​ Oil on canvas / Watercolor on paper

HER WORKS - coming on 13th february....

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