Let's talk about love

Between gentleness and provocation

13 pieces by artist Ariane KONSTANTINOVSKAIA, around the theme of love and its travels, in gallery by May 2021.


Ariane's paintings blend Asian tradition and Western modernity for both romantic and provocative portraits, which she exhibits and sells around the world.

The FOLLOW 13 has selected 13 of her works around love and his travels: From the languid attitude of L'Amant to the mischievous look of the sweat Lovely ; to the provocative Face Kate to the bonhomie of the Couple .


Painting, Acrylic and collages


After her studies at the National School of Art Décoratifs in Paris, Ariane went to Asia and found her inspiration in the various cultures and civilisations she met, Saigon being the major as being her foothold for two years.

Today, Ariane teaches in her workshop in Paris and continues to develop her technique by diversifying her subjects. Collage becomes for her a means of representing this mixture of inspirations, of juxtaposing these images which makes the universe of Ariane KONSTANTINOVSKAIA.

Her pieces are now represented all over the world, from Abu Dhabi to Seoul, and from May 13 at FOLLOW13 in Paris.


© Max Cisotti