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Laurence NITLICH

Still Life


Laurence has a connection with plants, and likes to remind us of the astonishing beauty of plants.

She multiplies the techniques to sublimate the plants: Ink, watercolor, gold leaf, engravings, resins….

His work is like nature, slow, poetic and facetious.

The Gingkos become eternal and the Artichoke Flowers  sovereign totems.

The Sagittifolias fly away like swallows,

while the Ecorce d'Or invites us to travel in its starry galaxy.

Then we dance ?


Plant elements, mixed techniques.


Born in Paris in 1964, Laurence Nitlich graduated from the University of Nanterre and the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris.  After Paris and Tel Aviv, she has lived and worked in Brussels since 1996.

After a professional career in the organization of fairs and exhibitions at the Paris Exhibition Committee, then in international marketing, Laurence Nitlich created Les Ateliers Acrob'art in 1997, which became Art Company in 2012. She leads workshops for adults and team building for companies.

After having worked in oil, acrylic and engraving, since 2010 his work has been moving towards the development of a sophisticated and very personal mixed technique. Astonishing mixtures of ink baths, drawings, engravings and monotypes. In recent years, natural elements have been added, altered by time and preserved in gold as treasures to be passed on to future generations.

HER WORKS - coming next 13th 

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