On the other side of the curtain

Courtesy of the Moulin Rouge

Work staging behind the scenes of the Moulin Rouge, through the lens of photographer Thierry Parhad, to be discovered in April 2021 in the gallery.


Former Moulin Rouge artist, Thierry PARHAD delivers us, through his lens, behind the scenes of this mythical place. Juggling with backgrounds and contrasts, the photographer highlights the underside of this fairyland all in feathers and sequins, and invites us to discover the secret life of his ballerinas and dancers.


Courtesy of the Moulin Rouge, Follow 13 is exhibiting these unique photographs in a gallery from April 13, 2021.


Thierry Parhad is a multi-talented artist. His dexterity and humor as a juggler-actor have made him one of the most acclaimed international artists. Engaged for several years as an international attraction in the legendary Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge, Thierry Parhad willingly trades his balls for cameras, zooms and lenses of all kinds! He thus became a talented photographer. His unique and personal shots have been exhibited in Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Some of his works are permanently displayed in the grand entrance hall of the Moulin Rouge.

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