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Sylvia GOUBERN trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. She began her career by creating numerous sets and scenographies for other artists during film shoots (videographer Emmanuel Carlier or television channels (Short programs for Canal+, Rapido by Antoine de Caunes, etc.), passing by operas (Joulik, Alma Brazilera), theaters and concerts (Sting, Terri Moîse, Fela Kuti and Kassav…).


In perpetual search for a delicate and refined imaginary world. The artist decides to represent, in his ceramic work, our most intimate place: the house. Reminiscent of childhood, certain books by Dickens (The haunted house) or William Hope Hodgson (the house at the edge of the world) or the tales of Lewis Caroll have contributed a lot to the phantasmagorical approach of this work.

With each of her houses, she constructs poems that swing between reality and surrealism, in order to translate the emotions that inhabit us and which reflect a testimony by baptizing them: "THE MODEL-HOUSES".


Will you be melted by the sight of CHOCOLAT HOUSE ? Or would you like to recreate your cabin deep in the woods with WOOD HOUSE ? Each little house is a reflection of a life.

Come and find these little secret houses that will reflect a world all to yourself.


Sandstone, earthenware and porcelain sculptures.


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