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October 2022 - LONDON 

LIGHT FRAMES - 106 X 97.jpg
LIGHT FRAMES - 106 X 97.jpg


by Anne FETA GAISs

Anne FÉAT GAISS likes to work with different materials, such as steel, silver, copper, oil and paper.

In her series of sculpted papers, she maroufles metallic sheets onto paper, then paints them, incises them, sometimes oxidizes them, in order to bring out moving and poetic forms.


By Denis FELIX

Denis FELIX likes deep and multiple perspectives, those that transport you to another universe.

His photographs in relief are an invitation to travel. A world of reverberation.


The splendor of SORBUS immerses you in a forest of dreams.


Large format camera photos on silver film: a whole sophisticated, mastered technique, for immersive and captivating works.


Prints limited to 7 copies

Cosmotype_VII_28X38_Cyanotype_CMJN 3.jpg



Born in 1960, Denis Félix is interested in and nature for more than thirty years by exploring interior worlds hanks to the large format photographic camera.
Denis Félix narrates, with the camera, what can only be told in silence: the of a whole life. He adopts always adopts the same approach, singular: the choice of an absolute immersion with the photographed subject, whether it be human, animal, mineral or
Member of the jury of several
photography competitions (Polaroid,
Ilford, etc.), and teacher at the Ecole des Gobelins (Paris), Denis FELIX has realized numerous exhibitions in France and abroad (
Toronto, New Delhi, Cape Town, London, Brussels etc.), and also works for large foundations (Hermès,
Electricité de France, Alstom, etc.).
Some of his works are
preserved at the Library
National Library of France.


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