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Pen and ink


Sophie Belle sources her original inspiration in the forest of Fontainebleau, the forest of her childhood.

A whole imaginary and poetic world that she transposes with her Indian ink feathers and gold leaves, onto Indian papers.

With meticulousness, she composes, imagines with refinement, dreams of imaginary and philosophical beings for our greatest happiness.

The Follow 13 has selected 13 of its unique, inspired and inspiring works.

An enchantment

To discover in the gallery from July 13 to August 12, 2021


Indian ink and gold leaf



The forest of Fontainebleau was the creative breeding ground of Sophie Belle's childhood. The hollows of trees, fluorescent mosses become phantasmagoric worlds that she crunches from an early age. Later his escapes into the natural land of India and Madagascar, the discovery of shamanism, spirituality, reinforce his desire to express his vision of the world, of the worlds ... through drawing.

Graduated from the School of Visual Communication, she set up her graphic design and advertising agency in 1997. Too far from her universe, she decided to definitively take up feathers and brushes in 2011. Today her works with a universal language appeal to fans of art from 5 continents.


With a pen, in black and white, she creates works with a clear, precise line, at the same time refined.
and full of details. It gives us to see poetic and symbolic landscapes.
Between prints and wonderland.


" My line of conductive ink: the vital and magical connection between humans and nature."

Photo S Belle 2.jpg


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