Film portraits, feathers, butterflies...

Sarah VERVISH sublimates the expression of her photographs with collages of natural elements.

The dress all in butterflies of SHADOW has airs of tango, L'ENVOLEE begins with drapes with golden wings, and the LADY OF HEART, like a pensive elf, invites us to dream of another city.

With Sarah, women take flight.

Sophisticated works all in relief that will surprise you with their beauty, their poetic and wild character.

To discover in the gallery from April 13 to May 12, 2022


Silver photography and collage of natural butterflies, peacock feathers, pheasant, goose...


Sarah's first encounter with photography was during her childhood in Normandy. She was then about ten years old when her father entrusted her with his film camera.

She will later decide to make it her job and will follow a specialized training course in Le Havre. 

In parallel with her activity as a professional photographer, which she has been practicing since 2014 by performing various services for individuals and companies, Sarah uses her imagination and her overflowing creativity to carry out her artistic projects, which have already been exhibited in various galleries, mainly in his hometown of Rouen.