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Bic, nothing but Bic!

Jacky ANANOU, painter for over 30 years, left his brushes for the Bic pen. With infinite precision, and a perfect mastery of the pen, he draws objects, faces, iconic places.

His works, like hyperrealistic paintings, are simply astonishing.

Here a Bialetti Coffee Maker , a Sony Walk Man , an Avocado Dress . There our splendid Marianne, the majestic Vestibule of Harlay , or the narcissistic knot of a scarf placed on a branch, let yourself be surprised by this trip to Bic's ink.

To discover in the Gallery from January 13 to February 12, 2022.


Bic Pen Drawing


For 30 years, Jacky has been painting! Portraitist for 35 years, Jacky ANANOU is linked to music, cinema, people. He has eaten jazzmen, rockers, golfers, footballers, celebrities or strangers, just faces that speak to him about life.

Jacky began to write his life with a Bic Cristal at the Algiers municipal school and as he was shy, he quickly expressed himself through drawing. Disc jockey in a nightclub in Saint Germain in May 68, he then left for the USA and Canada but love brought him back to France, to Nice. In 2011, he opened on Cours Saleya a place of creation where artists, painters and musicians meet and exhibit themselves ...

Today the Motus adventure is over and Jacky has not resumed his brushes… But the Bic of his childhood!

The blue Bic Cristal which stains the fingers a little and which requires patience and application. He first draws the faces of Jazz and Rock and then movie stars, his cinema! From Chaplin to Brando via Steeve Mc Queen. Since 2019 Jacky has been pointing his Bic on iconic objects.

His works have been exhibited in New York, London, Hong-Kong. He is well represented in the renowned galleries of the Côte d'Azur and exhibited in 2021, at the Palais Lascaris, and at the Château Grimaldi.


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