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Born in 1989.
Lives and works between Paris and Saint-Denis, France.

A multidisciplinary artist, graduate of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (Strasbourg), Evantias Chaudat positions the notion of life at the center of his artistic approach. Plants, animals and natural elements are thus at the heart of his research in order to reveal their intimate resonances, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

Her practice extends to the fields of film photography, video and writing which she uses to take a sensitive look at reality. His various collaborations with biological research institutes bring to his achievements a quasi-scientific dimension, which is reflected in his in-depth and meticulous study of organic matter, positioning his work at the border of art and science. The film process allows him to create echoes between the material of the film and that of beings and things, a grained, reactive material, which cracks and evolves over time.

His work as a videographer has been broadcast in numerous festivals and public institutions such as the National Museum of Natural History (Paris), the InScience Film Festival and the Environmental Film Festival. His work as a photographer has been the subject of various publications (Fisheye Magazine, Margelles magazine, Mouche magazine). In 2023, she won the Experimental Photography competition launched by Wipplay with her Sidéral series.

Immerse the film in a boiling bath: soda, lemon, soap. Altering the photosensitive layer in order to reveal the material. Open a breach. Feeling time speed up, space expanding. Go to the other side.
– Sidereal


Silver Film photography

Prints limited to 6 copies


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