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Frédérique CHENUT


Frédérique sculpts concrete blocks 

abandoned building blocks

on the construction sites of 93 ...

The artist gleans, collects, and gently brings life back to life

to these concrete cubes. 

A whole ecological and artistic journey.

THE THINKER sends us back our mischievous adolescence, LIFELINE a poetic evocation of transmission, et DOUBLE SIDED like a mirror,

the child we carry forever within us.


Born in 1965 in France, Frédérique Chenut graduated

in arts and crafts from ENSAAMA, Olivier de Serre.
For 10 years, converted into sculpture,

the artist approaches the different earths and clays.

Gradually over the past 3 years, Frédérique has turned

towards cellular concrete, concrete blocks...

At random during his walks in the 93,

she recovers concrete blocks on construction sites,

and gives them a new identity, a new life,

one direction.

She sculpts in the light of her emotions, of a felt feeling, of an identified moment.

Poetic, caressing and sometimes facetious, his sculptures connect us  to our senses.



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